GPTs: Using AI to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Published on 15/11/2023

As we have seen since the deadly Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 and the ensuing regional conflagration, the war is not confined to firearms.

At JIN, we're convinced that a fair and nuanced understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by as many people as possible is necessary for social cohesion and appeasement with a view to resolution. We therefore invite all those who are curious to question this trained GPT in order to better understand the inner workings of this conflict, and take an informed stance. To combat with live ammunition, we've added another dimension: digital warfare. Far from being benign, digital warfare is fanning the flames of hatred in the rest of the world, and is particularly responsible for the rise in anti-Semitism. Yet many of the opinions shared online represent truncated views of current and past events, and are based on false information.

In the spirit of "Tech for Good", and to counter the deleterious effects of propaganda and fake news surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we decided to create a new GPT called "Israel-Palestine Scholar". This chatbot is trained to answer questions as a university professor should. That is, in a neutral, factual and detailed way. For those wishing to dig even deeper, it can recommend the right readings. But of course, using this chatbot doesn't mean you don't need to think critically.

>> Access to the bot <<

How was the GPT created?

Tailor-made GPT training has been made possible thanks to ChatGPT's newly added Explore function for paying subscribers. At the creation stage, GPT asks you a few questions about the function and personality you want your chatbot to have. It then suggests a name, and a profile photo generated by DALL-E, OpenAI's image generator. Of course, everything can be modified, even after your chatbot has been published. It can then be shared with as many people as possible. Please note that a GPT Plus subscription is required to access "Israel-Palestine Scholar".

Don't hesitate to make use of it and share your results with us!

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