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JIN launches JIN HEALTH, its data-driven communication offering for healthcare companies

Published on 18/04/2024

JIN, the European public relations and digital influence agency, has created a new offering for companies in the healthcare sector.Called JIN HEALTH, this offering is aimed in particular at laboratories, providing them with an integrated data-driven communications service.

Health is a long-standing sector for JIN, and will account for 3 million of its turnover by 2023. In total, since its creation in 2012, JIN has supported around fifty healthcare customers, mainly listed laboratories, including around twenty active customers.

"At a time of great technological leaps, between Messenger RNA, gene therapy and AI, healthcare players need to make themselves understood and create a climate of trust, particularly with patient communities. This is essential for public health and for living together", stresses Edouard Fillias, CEO of JIN.

With this offering, JIN brings together all its public relations expertise (social networks, executive reputation, digital marketing, public affairs, crisis) and its mastery of data (strengthened by the merger with research firm Opinion Act in 2022) to serve its healthcare clients' reputation and visibility issues with their communities of patients, healthcare professionals and public decision-makers.

"With the advent of AI, our ability to interpret pharmacovigilance risks, understand patient perceptions and detect healthcare professionals on networks has increased tenfold. We can analyse community dynamics and the impact of brands on their ecosystem in much greater detail", adds Caroline Faillet, GM Group JIN, head of research.

JIN defends a vision of influence that is responsible in its practice and in the role it plays with its clients, and efficient with tangible indicators measuring the impact of the communication operations it deploys for all its clients.

A true agency within an agency, the offering is led by François-Charles Rohard, who takes on the title of General Manager JIN HEALTH. He will be supported by a team of 30 multi-expertise consultants (monitoring and research, social media, executive reputation, digital marketing, media relations, public affairs, crisis) with healthcare experience. The agency can also count on its network of around ten external advisors, including doctors, engineers, communicators and a lawyer specialising in healthcare.

"We're very proud to be able to help position our customers in their ecosystems, often through positive impact communications around patient pathologies. Social networks in particular are an incredible lever for creating a relationship of trust. But it's the mix of skills - social media and influencers, creative work, media relations and digital marketing - that enables us to position our customers as key players in their healthcare ecosystem", says François-Charles Rohard, General Manager JIN HEALTH.