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Threads: Will The Twitter-Killer Stick?

Published on 13/07/2023

Threads, the new app introduced by Instagram's parent company Meta, has generated significant buzz last week after it managed to draw a jaw-dropping 100 million subscribers in its first week of existence.

With its Instagram-inspired tone and Twitter-like experience, Threads has attracted media, consumer brands, and company founders who are keen to explore its potential. However, corporate and B2B brands have yet to fully embrace the platform. Here are JIN's thoughts of the current state of Threads a week after its launch, its limitations, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

1. The Fun and Edgy Tone: Threads has successfully captured the fun and upbeat essence of Instagram and translated it into a Twitter-like experience. Popular brands like Netflix and Wendy's, but also TikTok famous prebiotics beverages Olipop and even Bloomberg have eagerly joined the platform, embracing its edgy nature. The allure of experimenting with this new social space has been a driving force behind their involvement.

2. The Absence of Corporate and B2B Brands: While media, consumer brands, and many company founders have flocked to Threads, corporate and B2B brands have yet to make their presence felt. The reasons behind their hesitance may stem from the app's current limitations, which we will discuss further.

3. Limitations and Challenges: Threads currently lacks analytics and discoverability features, such as a search engine. This absence makes it difficult for new and smaller players to gain visibility and measure their return on investment (ROI). Without such metrics, it becomes challenging for brands to assess their performance and make informed decisions.

4. User Sign-up and Stickiness: The initial wave of sign-ups for Threads was driven by its seamless integration with Instagram accounts. However, the question remains: will people continue using it? The app's stickiness is derived from the fact that uninstalling Threads requires erasing the Instagram app as well. Two possible outcomes lie ahead: Threads could adopt a stringent moderation approach, becoming a brand-safe haven with fun vibes that counterbalances Twitter's toxic environment. Alternatively, users may grow bored with a similar experience to Twitter, leading to decreased engagement and the platform losing its appeal.

5. Looking Towards the Future: By the time Threads becomes available in the EU market, more features and insights into user behavior will likely emerge. This will enable us to better advise both B2C and B2B brands on whether they should actively engage with the platform. It is crucial to assess whether Threads will flourish or follow the path of previous hyped platforms like Clubhouse and Houseparty, which ultimately experienced a decline in user interest.

JIN New-York
Strategic Director
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